Michigan Wedding DJ Recommends


Marci Curtis (Troy)

The wedding pictures on this site are supplied by Marci Curtis – I have yet to hear a bride say they didn’t love her and her work. Visit her site !

Kellie Saunders (Birmingham)

She has a super high quality reputation in the wedding industry. Her work does the talking! Check out her site.

Kate Saler Photography (Farmington Hills)

Kate is a die hard shutterbug. We work together from time to time and she never stops shooting – guests, bride, groom, family, cousins, the building etc.. Non stop and her work speaks for itself. Visit her site!

Beautiful Venues

Addison Oaks / Oaks Properties- Addison Oaks, MI – oakmanagement.com 248.693.8305
Dearborn Inn – Dearborn, MI (Marriott) Great Staff Upscale Experience
The Oakley – Holly, MI — Upscale Casual Country Experience
University of Michigan Student Union & League 734.764.8837
University of Michigan Museum of Art (Bruce is the contact.) Call me for some things to consider in a museum event. Dan 248-648-1669

Bridal Gifts & Jewelry

Robin’s Nest Jewelry – Great Gifts for Bridesmaids. From $40 on up with unique one of a kind handmade in Royal Oak, MI bracelets and necklaces.

Her Etsy Site – Click Here


Tom Estes – Artistic Video
I’ve worked with Tom for years. He’s a guy I recommend in total confidence.

Wedding Ceremony, Live Music, Bands

Piano Man Dan
Dan Dombrowski – he’s not only a great Michigan musician but a personal friend. He plays piano by ear and knows over 300 songs.

Matt Walch (Singing the Big Band Standards)
I’ve worked with Matt Walch once and he’s a really cool guy that does a great job singing the standards. I wouldn’t call him an impersonator as he does it his way. He’s got a great high end sound system as well.

Rondo String Quartet
A breath of fresh air. I heard them playing (on strings) everything from Roy Orbison to Nirvana… very very cool!

LaCorda Ensemble
George and his team of pros will bring that element of pizazz to your event. I have heard them play many times as well.

Wedding Planners

Kaeli Garcia | Event Planner
734.276.7551 | lunasoiree.com

Wedding & Event Caterers in Michigan

The Moveable Feast Catering | Event Planner Misty Rose
734.428.9526 (ext 13)