Busy June Wedding Season

This was a double wedding weekend as many in the Summer months are. The photographer for the shots to follow is Kari Dawson. She’s from Shelby, MI area. Her site is http://www.karidawsonblog.com . This wedding at the Dearborn Inn had 380 people at it. I don’t “do” too many of that size but when I do […]

Dearborn Inn 2017 Renovation – Dearborn Inn Ballrooms Michigan

The video shares it all other than of course how 5 star the staff is. I’ve been working the Dearborn Inn now for 20 years and they really do a great job of keeping it beautiful and hiring staff that sticks around and cares about your experience as a guest. As a dj who considers […]

Noah’s Event Venue – Center Auburn Hills, MI Wedding Tour

Noah’s Event Venue is in Auburn Hills Michigan. It’s a tree filled suburb and as you’ll see in this video it’s beautiful. In this video tour of the facility I’ll show you all the various areas I walked in to give you an idea what it might be like for your wedding reception or company […]

Iroquois Club in Bloomfield Hills, MI – Wedding Reception

Even though I’ve deejayed at the nicest venues in the state I have never had the pleasure of working a party here at the Iroquois CLub. What I really liked too is that it’s only 10 minutes from my house in Royal Oak. So — first off it’s pretty darn centtrally located for friends coming […]

Michigan Wedding at Addison Oaks With a Hot Cocoa Bar

As a wedding dj in Michigan with over 1000 events to my credit, once in a while I see something I’ve never seen before. It happens that at this December wedding at Addison Oaks in Leonard, MI the bride and groom had a Hot Cocoa Bar. It also happens in typical Michigan fashion that the […]

Don’t Just Hire a DJ for Your Company Party

A Veteran DJ’s Perspective on Holiday Company Parties. Some of you know me – some don’t. I’ve been a mobile dj doing namely higher end wedding receptions for over 24 years. Actually — ok it’s been 25. So, I’ve done lots of corporate stuff. Personally I’ve deejayed over 300 corporate parties in my career. It’s no […]

Somebody Please Stop Playing That Crappy Music

Honestly as a wedding dj I am not one to pass judgement on music per se’… In fact I don’t call any music “crap”. I just think it’s often easy to play something richer and more provocative. I want music to do what music can do – make people feel. It happens that as a […]

2015 March Michigan Wedding DJ Post

After 24 years in this business I can say that the 20 year old that shows up with his laptop doesn’t get the following. It’s: 1) Not about the DJ – it’s about the family and friends having a great time with the bride and groom. Of course the dj is a part of the […]

Classic Movie Themed Wedding Reception in Michigan

Remember, I am not a professional wedding photographer. Nowhere near so… these were done with my I-Phone and rough lighting conditions. OK… so onto the Classic Movie Themed Wedding I deejayed at last week at Weber’s Inn in Ann Arbor, MI. The first thing guests saw when they walked in was their seating chart and […]

Memory Wedding Wine Bottle

I thought this was a neat idea as well. Basically the bride and groom were to bury this bottle or store in in a cool dark and dry place. Then, on their 25th wedding anniversary they were to open it up and celebrate OR… they’d make a pledge and if times ever got really bad […]