Baseball Themed Wedding – Very Cool Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers

detroit tiger paper cocktail napkinsI did an event recently for a couple that were both baseball fans of rival teams. It was at Petruzello’s in Troy, MI. If you look at the pictures you’ll see how they named each table according to a pro baseball player’s name. They used vernacular germane to baseball for stuff in the room. For example the head table was named the dugout. The seating cards were baseball tickets and really well done at that. You will see they had themed napkins at the bar for Detroit Tigers and Yankees fans. They also used the tickets to reflect the guests name and their section. Even the barbode reflected the date of their wedding. I’d go on but the pictures sort of tell the story. Remember I am not a professional photographer and these were shot with an iphone on the fly. I am instead “The Most Professional DJ in Michigan”.

Michigan Wedding DJ Dan Nichols ( formerly Boogie Brothers Productions )

baseball ticket name cardsSection Seating Wedding Table CardsOther Side of Wedding Section Seating PictureSection Seating Card Wedding Table PictureGroom Hoisted in the air by his buddies.

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Lauren Wallis

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