Busy June Wedding Season

This was a double wedding weekend as many in the Summer months are. The photographer for the shots to follow is Kari Dawson. She’s from Shelby, MI area. Her site is http://www.karidawsonblog.com .

This wedding at the Dearborn Inn had 380 people at it. I don’t “do” too many of that size but when I do I am reminded of just how much energy resides in a crowd of that size. These people danced the night away. It never ended (until it did) and as usual I probably slighted the slow dancers. I played about 6 slow dances the entire night because I never like to upset the balance of a packed and jamming dance floor. Requests were minimal from the guests which can be a good sign that I’m playing exactly what they’re into. The bride did have a pretty packed list of tunes for the dance window and I am thankful she chose well. Like many clients these days oldies to them are 80’s and 90’s. It would seem the hottest “chick tune” and it’s been so for some time is Wannabe by the Spice Girls. The weekend after this wedding the hottest tune overall that drew the most crowd response was “Party Up” by DMX. Ya’ll gonna make me lose my mind up in here up in there… you know the one.

Anyway, this wedding had it all. They stopped at nothing to make the already beautiful Dearborn Inn even more so with high end linens, chair covers, centerpieces etc.. Pics are below – enjoy.

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Lauren Wallis

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