Classic Movie Themed Wedding Reception in Michigan

Remember, I am not a professional wedding photographer. Nowhere near so… these were done with my I-Phone and rough lighting conditions. OK… so onto the Classic Movie Themed Wedding I deejayed at last week at Weber’s Inn in Ann Arbor, MI.

The first thing guests saw when they walked in was their seating chart and “name card” table. The were not assigned to a number but instead to a “movie” named table. And the name cards were little movie tickets. It seems they made them on their inkjet – so it was easy pleasy and probably saved them a few bucks.


The tables then had the corresponding movie poster so guests knew where to sit. This was a standard size 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper printed with the movie image/title. Also, they had a gift bag loaded with candy and animal crackers with a circus vibe. I don’t know that the circus thing matched with the movie thing but somehow the couple made it work because of how they were. They were just sort of roll with it cool and easy to be with. In fact, the groomsmen all wore (dads too) green converse hi tops and they not only looked comfy but they added an ease to the evening.

Here is a closeup of the name card table with the “little” multi colored name cards for each wedding guest. Again, as movie tickets. Also is a shot off the Larger Display Seating Chart Board that had all the movies on them. Buffet & Dancing – I thought it was kind of cool because it was so old school looking.


Guests that arrived also had the option to drop a little ticket into the “pop corn bucket” with a few kind words for the bride and groom. This was all home brewed. It took some thought and consideration but it was doable from the kitchen table.


To continue their back in time vibe, they rented an old fashioned looking photo booth. The upside is it printed modern and gave them a nice keepsake.


AND… they danced all night, even breaking out a hora!







I’ve dj’d at over 1000 weddings in my 23 years as a top ranked wedding dj in Michigan. And on occasion I see something different and this one was pretty cool. (BTW – not top ranked just by me, but by WeddingWire and Knot magazine)

Funny First Dance Skit Great for A Michigan Wedding Reception

I’ve seen a ton of different routines over the years as a dj at Michigan Wedding Receptions and this one stood out as a funny well done first dance / bridal dance routine. Check out the hilarity as this bride and groom pull off a well rehearsed skit with the groomsmen. The wedding reception guests obviously thought this was funny too as you’ll see them doubling over. We should also give mother nature a few props as this wedding reception had some great weather. Whether or not it was in Michigan… I do not know. You also notice the wedding dj handling this with total precision. He was obviously a professional dj. Anyway, enjoy!

Michigan Wedding Ceremonies – Officiants Ministers Priests & DJ

I’ve seen a lot of funny things in my dj career of 19 years but this ceremony on youtube was a first. I have a client contracting me to not only dj her Michigan Wedding Reception but to officiate it as well in late 2010. I have never officiated a wedding ceremony in the Detroit, Michigan area before and chose to do so only because this bride and groom presented a bucket list opportunity to me. She wanted something really off the wall and creative for her ceremony at the Gem Theater in Detroit later this year. We are in essence going to turn her ceremony into a musical. Something I’ve always thought would be a blast. Though it is going to be different than the video below, i felt it only right to give 2 thumbs up to this couple for doing something different. Not to mention having to hire your dj to be at the ceremony is usually a good thing for the dj service as well.