Somebody Please Stop Playing That Crappy Music

Honestly as a wedding dj I am not one to pass judgement on music per se’… In fact I don’t call any music “crap”. I just think it’s often easy to play something richer and more provocative. I want music to do what music can do – make people feel. It happens that as a […]

2015 March Michigan Wedding DJ Post

After 24 years in this business I can say that the 20 year old that shows up with his laptop doesn’t get the following. It’s: 1) Not about the DJ – it’s about the family and friends having a great time with the bride and groom. Of course the dj is a part of the […]

Wedding Ceremony Tips Video

I will make this into a video someday soon but until then I offer my list of tips here. Things I’ve learned from managing the music at 307 and counting wedding ceremonies here in Michigan over the last 22 years. It seems as the dj I am part of the ceremony for at least half […]

Originating your wedding vows… Make Your Michigan Wedding Ceremony Special

As a dj here in Michigan I play music for both wedding receptions AND ceremonies. Over the years I’ve definitely become accustomed to being witness to the exchange of vows, as they’re one of the most heartfelt statements one can be apart of, especially if you’re writing them yourself. I really like how Harmonie Krieger […]

Choosing a Reading for Your Michigan Wedding Ceremony

Here are a number of really great tips to help you choose a reading that’s right for you, your fiance, and your family. I really like how she mentions the importance of opinions of your family, as well as the advice to reference any religious texts that may be sacred and relevant to your families […]

Michigan Wedding Ceremony Decor

This episode brings ceremony decorations to light and the various details associated with many of the decisions you’ll be facing at your Michigan Wedding Ceremony. Silk or real flower? Which colors should I use? Should lighting replace fabric? And most importantly, which of our options allow us to remain within our budget? These are all […]

Michigan Wedding DJ Suggests Bride’s Re-think Timing

Ok, this could get some brides thinking I am a militant hyper opinionated dj and business owner. Well, the truth is it’s really more about helping my clients have a great wedding. Here is the tip and a little background. 1) Michigan has the longest wedding receptions in the country already with 6 hours as […]

Silent Disco – Euroasian Dance Invasion – Silent Weddings

This is too cool and certainly something for brides and grooms that want to do something a little different in the USA. Especially Michigan brides hiring THE Michigan Wedding DJ. Watch the video about the silent disco craze. I can supply these for couples that want to book venues with sound ordinance issues, neighborhood noise […]

A new favorite site for brides that want something a bit different!

If you live in Michigan or elsewhere you’ll find this site to be something really cool. If you get a little tired of the boiler plate wedding receptions check out Off Beat Bride. I give it 3 thumbs up! Maybe I’m a bit partial to it because I’ve booked two weddings as a result of […]