Michigan Wedding at Addison Oaks With a Hot Cocoa Bar

As a wedding dj in Michigan with over 1000 events to my credit, once in a while I see something I’ve never seen before. It happens that at this December wedding at Addison Oaks in Leonard, MI the bride and groom had a Hot Cocoa Bar. It also happens in typical Michigan fashion that the […]

Classic Movie Themed Wedding Reception in Michigan

Remember, I am not a professional wedding photographer. Nowhere near so… these were done with my I-Phone and rough lighting conditions. OK… so onto the Classic Movie Themed Wedding I deejayed at last week at Weber’s Inn in Ann Arbor, MI. The first thing guests saw when they walked in was their seating chart and […]

Memory Wedding Wine Bottle

I thought this was a neat idea as well. Basically the bride and groom were to bury this bottle or store in in a cool dark and dry place. Then, on their 25th wedding anniversary they were to open it up and celebrate OR… they’d make a pledge and if times ever got really bad […]

Wedding Puzzle Picture Keepsake Thing

I’ve been the dj at a lot of Michigan Wedding Receptions and ceremonies. I’ve seen a lot of neat idea and I really liked this one. It was a picture of the bride and groom “as a puzzle”. Guests were simply asked to take a piece of the puzzle out of the picture and sign […]

Royal Park Hotel Wedding Was Really Amazing

Not much went undone at this event in Rochester, MI in August of 2012. I’ve been the dj at over 1000 events in my 22 years of service to brides and grooms. Not only was I the musical entertainment but so was a 19 piece orchestra and an acapella group Capital Green from MSU – […]

Michigan or The Islands – An Island Themed Wedding Reception

It was a beautiful day in Troy, MI as Tony and Christy got married in Dearborn, MI and partied at Petruzello’s in Troy. Location – Petruzello’s in Troy, MI Bride & Groom – both soon to be doctors and unbeknownst to them I dj’d for 2 of their guests last year in Ann Arbor. Anna […]

Baseball Themed Wedding – Very Cool Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers

I did an event recently for a couple that were both baseball fans of rival teams. It was at Petruzello’s in Troy, MI. If you look at the pictures you’ll see how they named each table according to a pro baseball player’s name. They used vernacular germane to baseball for stuff in the room. For […]

Flower-less Wedding Crystal Centerpiece Numbers

I recently did a wedding at Royal Park Hotel in Rochester Michigan and the bride said she didn’t want to do the usual flower “thing”. So, she ordered the coolest custom crystal centerpieces I’d ever seen. They even had numbers engraved on one of the pieces. She then had just a few bouquets on the […]

New Years Eve Reception at The Colony Club in Detroit

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update and I have a few events I want to share with you. Well, this wedding reception on New Years Eve in the “D” was pretty darn cool. The bride and groom were totally cool and were actually referred to me by wedding coordinator Misty Trompeter of […]

Picture Montage for Table Seating

I’ve seen versions of this at other weddings in Michigan, pieces of this, but not done like this. How is that for a funky description. They simply grabbed photographs of places they have been together. They then labeled the tables with that destination and their wedding guests sat accordingly. The picture of the “board” pretty […]