Dearborn Inn 2017 Renovation – Dearborn Inn Ballrooms Michigan

The video shares it all other than of course how 5 star the staff is. I’ve been working the Dearborn Inn now for 20 years and they really do a great job of keeping it beautiful and hiring staff that sticks around and cares about your experience as a guest. As a dj who considers multiple dynamics when working a venue one of the things I appreciate about the Dearborn Inn is it’s physical location. Though it’s only minutes from downtown Dearborn, it is still off the beaten path. It’s away from stores and shopping malls and neon signs ! It sits in a historic campus with nearby Greenfield Village & Henry Ford Historic Properties. It just feels unique. That’s one of those things people without the experience or understanding of a wedding reception can’t see. That isolation creates a comfortable less hectic vibe. It just feels better when places are off the beaten path and this hotel surely is. So, all you’ll need now is the right dj to amplify your opportunity for a great event.

Noah’s Event Venue – Center Auburn Hills, MI Wedding Tour

Noah’s Event Venue is in Auburn Hills Michigan. It’s a tree filled suburb and as you’ll see in this video it’s beautiful. In this video tour of the facility I’ll show you all the various areas I walked in to give you an idea what it might be like for your wedding reception or company party. I even show you the bathrooms !! This is a perfect way for brides out of state to see venues in Michigan that I’ve been a dj at.

First, I thought overall it was a really nice place. If I had any pushback it was more the way it felt. It’s almost too perfect. It made it feel a little cold. BUT that is my opinion AND it WOULD NOT necessarily keep me from booking it. If I was “Noah”, I might add a fireplace or dial down the modern a smidge. You decide for yourself. You’ll see in the video it’s surrounded by greenery but the drive up is an office park type of setting. After 5pm though it’s a ghost town. I love the fact it was extremely buttoned up on the tech side. So for example as a dj I was able to plug into the house audio while in the chapel for the ceremony. No need to bring in speakers. The MOD (manager on duty) was a whip and handled every detail really well and quickly. Catering will be your biggest challenge and I’d highly recommend using the company/s they refer. They have a small “sort of” kitchen from what I could see and it forced the caterers to get resourceful using other rooms as needed. It is also my impression that they do not have stoves so whomever you hire for the food be sure it’s a pro. ALSO they are big on Thursday wedding receptions. So am I !! I love Thursday Weddings. Let’s have more of them. People need a reason to party in the middle of the week too.


Oh and lest I overlook this on the written part of this post — their ceremony set up would be hard to trump. Watch the video and see why.

If you need a guy that’s been there done than in the dj realm – look me up. I make brides happy they chose me. Michigan Wedding DJ // Thanks for checking out my website –

Iroquois Club in Bloomfield Hills, MI – Wedding Reception

Even though I’ve deejayed at the nicest venues in the state I have never had the pleasure of working a party here at the Iroquois CLub. What I really liked too is that it’s only 10 minutes from my house in Royal Oak. So — first off it’s pretty darn centtrally located for friends coming from the northern burbs and south down Woodward in Detroit itself. And as most of us know 696 connects all those metro Detroit Suburbs to the east and the west really well. NEXT — the food was excellent which probably wasn’t hurt by the A1 presentation of the food. The staff was friendly and the facility was spotless. I’d say only that groups below 100 will fit best. I can’t recall their max capacity but when the wait staff member told me I could only imagine how crowded that would have been. As a dj I thought it had a great layout to keep people interested and dancing all night long. With that said I give this place 2 thumbs up on all fronts – food, facility, staff and danceability.

If you need some help with your music – let me (DJ Dan Nichols) know.

Townsend Hotel in Birmingham Michigan Video Tour at A Wedding

I’ve been to Birmingham Michigan’s Townsend Hotel many times over the last 22 years in the DJ Business. I must say they always prove to live up to their image as a 5 star hotel and dining experience. The entrances are sparkly and surrounded in deep rich wood tones. The floors shine and the brass is polished. They really do a nice job and have a super kind and warm wait staff there to serve the guests. Lots of times when I show up to a facility it’s tough to even get eye contact with the service staff but from the banquest and sales manager all the way to the kitchen staff they were friendly and you could see they cared about the service they provided. You can see my my video “virtual tour” of Birmingham’s finest hotel that the place is beautiful. This was the 5th wedding I did for this family and probably the 30th I’ve done for their extended friends and family network. In fact a quick shout out is indeed necessary for the Lynch Family (funeral homes). They are one big group of dancers and i am always glad to be the guy they go to for music. Anyway, enjoy the video.

Townsend Hotel Birmingham Michigan Video Tour of Wedding Set Up

Port Huron, MI | Kimball, MI Banquet Reception Facility Fore Lakes Country Club

Virtual Video Review of the Banquet Reception Facility Fore Lakes Country Club in Port Huron, MI | Kimball, MI
Hi, all I can say is the place was thumbs up all over. From the banquet staff to the building and the view it’s a gem in the outskirts of the Detroit Tri-County Area. I thought as I pulled up it had this southwest / northern exposure thing going on. It’s huge log architecture, stainless steel and tile was all top shelf. Nothing about it was shoddy. With that being said, you gotta like that look in a Michigan reception facility though. The view was spectacular onto the golf course off a monstrous terrace. Getting married under the gazebo overlooking the water features on the golf course made having a ceremony there a no brainer too. Anyway, I’d keep raving but I’ll stop there and only suggest if you’re considering a destination wedding – this place is perfect for that too. It’s just an hour outside of Oakland County and yet it feels like you’re up north (and you sort of are). Keep your money in Michigan and make it easy for guests that don’t want to stay overnight.

Crank up the volume (low levels) and remember – I am a DJ – Not a professional videographer – this was shot with my iphone. I am just trying to help those brides looking for cool venues for their wedding reception in Michigan.

5810 Flinchbaugh Road
Kimball, MI 48074-1305
(810) 982-3673 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (810) 982-3673      end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Thanks, Dan Nichols – Michigan Wedding DJ

Lyon Oaks County Park Wedding Reception | Wixom, MI

Like all the Oaks Management managed properties this one will live up to the brand. They are well run, clean and beautiful. Lyon Oaks, Glen Oaks and Addison Oaks are all on the top of my list as great places for wedding ceremonies and receptions both. The buffet here, like it’s sister properties mentioned above is top shelf. The interior is spacious and full of natural light with beautiful just behind the bride’s head table and off to the on side of the building as well. The dance floor is super because it’s not oversized and will always look full. Us dj’s love dance floors that are sized right as it helps to keep people coming out to dance. Why? Because nobody wants to look like the only one in the spotlight. It’s a more the merrier kind of thing. Anyway, what more can I say? Watch the video (crank your speakers as the audio is a bit low) as I take you on a virtual video tour of Lyon Oaks in Lyon Township, MI. NOTE: I made a comment about it being a little older of a facility, it is NOT. It’s actually probably newer than a few of them. Some of the others have just had some updates is more in line with what I meant. ALL OF THEM are beautiful.

52251 Pontiac Trail
(Between Wixom and Old Plank roads)
Lyon Township, MI 48393
Phone: 248-437-9200

Website for Lyon Oaks in Lyon Township, MI – HERE

Grosse Pointe War Memorial – Michigan Wedding Reception Site Video Tour

I’ve performed as a wedding dj at many nice places and Grosse Pointe War Memorial is no different. It’s truly a classic amongst the estates on Jefferson Avenue off of Lake St. Clair. The landscaping is something off HGTV and the reception site out back is movie material with a wide expanse of Michigan Water as a backdrop. Like most places i play the biggest strength – it’s beauty is also one of the dj’s biggest hurdles. Hurdles because getting people (my dancers) off the terrace on a beautiful night or from walking over near the lakeside can prove a challenge. The food and wait staff are great and the way it’s set up with huge window views makes you almost feel like you’re on the water. The cocktail/receiving area just outside the ballroom doors is size-able enough to hold an average size wedding with enough spillover room throughout to accompany an even bigger crowd. I’ve done weddings in both the larger ballroom and the “library” (I think they call it the library) when the crowds were smaller. Either is a great choice especially for those that want a water view.

32 Lake Shore Rd
Grosse Pte Farms, MI 48236-3784
(313) 881-7511
Get directions

Michigan Wedding DJ (formerly Boogie Brothers Productions) is happy to serve brides in the area!

Northville Hills Golf Club of Michigan – Pre Wedding Reception Video Tour

Northville Hills Golf Club in Northville, MI is a beautiful place for a wedding reception. The video tour I’ll share with you will give you an idea what a wedding reception there looks like. I was super early so it wasn’t totally set up yet but if you’re a bride looking for a pretty venue for your Michigan Wedding Reception then you may want to give this venue a look. It was neat, clean, and well laid out. Michigan Wedding DJ (ME) drove from Royal Oak and got there in just under 40 minutes. The food was good, the manager Diane was wonderful, the staff had great personalities and the dynamics from a dj perspective were great. Smaller dance floor, near the bar with guests not too close to the speakers… ahh it was nice.

The main dining/dancing room had a nice patio right off the main room which was convenient for guests to go enjoy the outdoors. You’ll note the room is long and narrow with high ceilings.

Northville Hills Driving Directions via Google Here

It is west of Sheldon north off 5 Mile rd.

15565 Bay Hill Dr
Northville, MI 48168-8655

(734) 667-4653

* approximate times


Enjoy the virtual tour by Michigan Wedding DJ – Dan Nichols of Northville Hills Golf Club in Northville, MI.

The Inn at St. John’s Plymouth, MI Wedding Receptions & Ceremonies

I’ve played the Inn at St. Johns many many times. Though the Atrium is their hallmark room, the other reception rooms are beautiful as well. Like many nicer facilities, this one has areas “garden areas” for brides and grooms to get married, to have their wedding ceremony at. In addition it is a full service church and a beautiful one at that.<br>

The drive up is gorgeous and the fact that you can stay overnight on the premises make this place an extremely attractive Michigan wedding ceremony and reception facility. The Inn at St. Johns is pretty easy to get to as it is located off a major interstate and is very close to Detroit’s Metro Airport. The staff is very friendly and professional as well. A few years back they did build a huge grand ballroom and I have played in there before as well. Anyway, check it out and expect to pay for the setting. It is a top shelf facility.
The Inn at St. John’s (Detroit, Plymouth)
44045 Five Mile Road
Plymouth, MI 48170
734-414-0600 Main Telephone Number
734-414-0606 fax Map link – View Larger Map

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Wedding on the Ovation Yacht 2007 – Detroit – St. Clair Shores

This strays a bit as it’s not my typical venue tour. I will get one up for these yachts when I find the footage. I have dj’s on them over 200 times since 1992ish. Interestingly I found this video on youtube. This is a couple I dj’d for in 2007 aboard the Ovation Yacht. Not the Inifinity (the Infinity Yacht is the smaller of the 2 holding 180 people). The Ovation holds I believe 300 plus.  Anyway, it shows some of the tour, NONE of the “other” dance footage and certainly a lot of the Detroit skyline. The video is supposed to be and rightly so about the bride and groom – not the Michigan Wedding DJ.

Anyway, enjoy – they were a great couple and if my memory serves me right “Into the Mystic” was their actual bridal dance song.