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Hi ! I used to have a calendar feature here but the spam was ridiculous. I went with this simple email form. You can text me too and I’ll let you know usually within minutes if I am open.

Contact Information for
The Michigan Wedding DJ – Dan Nichols

3 ways to reach me:

  1. Form: Find out if I am open and fill out this easy to use form.
  2. Call me (old school tactic…) – I promise ZERO pressure and a simple conversation. I will answer from 9am-9pm unless I am unable to get to it. Call or text 248-541-O25O
  3. Email me – tdannichols at Sorry for the funky encryption. Spam is pretty intense when you have a website.

    Give me some details in the comment section. DATE of event*, venue location, rough guest count, maybe musical likes, would I (as the dj) be doing the ceremony and the reception or just the reception and anything else you’d like to share. 

Contact Me directly using the form below.