Dearborn Inn 2017 Renovation – Dearborn Inn Ballrooms Michigan

The video shares it all other than of course how 5 star the staff is. I’ve been working the Dearborn Inn now for 20 years and they really do a great job of keeping it beautiful and hiring staff that sticks around and cares about your experience as a guest. As a dj who considers multiple dynamics when working a venue one of the things I appreciate about the Dearborn Inn is it’s physical location. Though it’s only minutes from downtown Dearborn, it is still off the beaten path. It’s away from stores and shopping malls and neon signs ! It sits in a historic campus with nearby Greenfield Village & Henry Ford Historic Properties. It just feels unique. That’s one of those things people without the experience or understanding of a wedding reception can’t see. That isolation creates a comfortable less hectic vibe. It just feels better when places are off the beaten path and this hotel surely is. So, all you’ll need now is the right dj to amplify your opportunity for a great event.

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Lauren Wallis

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