Michigan Wedding DJ FAQ's

Do you have a storefront?

No, majority of my clients book over the phone now because of my 20+ year reputation.

How much do you charge?

This is also on my front page near the bottom. Assuming it’s relatively local, it depends on 2 variables of which both are supply and demand driven. The date of the event and the amount of time between now and then. The investment for my services ranges from $1495-$1995. Sundays however tend to be less than my published prices as do last minute bookings.

THE ONLY additional fee is setting up a second ceremony system which covers up to one hour ceremony time and runs from $150 to $250 depending on what you need. Typically I supply a speaker on a stand, a microphone on a stand and background music/special songs for ceremony.

I don’t bite and NEVER high pressure a client on the phone. In fact I never even try to close you on the phone. I just say at the end – if it sounds like something you want to do – call me back. Whew… so, pick up the phone tell me about your wedding – 248-541-0250.

Do you yap on the microphone all night?

No, it’s your party not mine. I only help with the emceeing and maybe a comment from time to time if necessary to aid in keeping the dance floor moving.

What is with the Boogie Brothers Stuff I am finding on the net as it relates to you. In addition I see it in the testimonials too?

In June of 2008 I decided to re-create/brand my company for 2 reasons. 1, my brother is now full time in the corporate sales world and doesn’t DJ any more. So I really can’t be Boogie Brothers without him in the picture and I refuse to suggest he’s still with me when he’s not. Secondly, I felt that the image of Boogie Brothers wasn’t consistent with the market I was shooting for. I do weddings for discriminating couples that understand the value I bring to the table. Boogie Brothers just felt wrong. The quality hasn’t changed I simply re-branded myself.

Why you?

Years of experience, more referrals/testimonials than any other independent DJ company on the web, a best of nationwide by WeddingWire the last 10+ years in a row, a top 5 DJ company voted by brides during a survey by “THE KNOT” and our promise to not play the hokey pokey or chicken dance unless you request it. Oh – and a 12 point guarantee no other DJ in Michigan is willing to offer.

Do you have our wedding song?

Yes though you may stump me from time to time I have too much music to list. I also carry and use my iphone with 4g and Spotify Pro to access music on the fly if necessary and of course have a couple laptops on wifi (usually it’s at the venue). The conversation we have the Sunday or Monday prior to the reception ensures you I’ll have the real important “main” songs and anything else you desire. It is all part of my 12 point Michigan Wedding DJ Pledge.

Do you have any hidden charges?

No, my pricing is all inclusive (dance lights too). I post pricing on the web but do so with much resistance. I can tell you that on average I am about $500 more than an employee style “big box” dj operation or the average dj service. Because I don’t make money off other dj’s because I can’t stomach the stress and don’t trust others to perform as I do, I charge more for myself. If I am providing music at the ceremony site and a microphone for the officiant that would be extra (usually $150-$250) and it depends on the venue. Some are really difficult to set up at. AND some… require a second person to come with me so I can serve you best across big venue campuses Cornman Farms in Dexter comes to mind. It’s a beautiful place but if you’re taking advantage of their various “spots” it requires me to run sound all over the place. So – please refer to my pricing on the front page of this site. On the home page… at the bottom…

Do you have different packages?

My regular package is comprehensive and leaves nothing out. You get everything I list on the home page.

How far do you work from your home base of Royal Oak?

I am pretty centrally located in Royal Oak. I’ve made exceptions in every direction, but this is a rule of thumb. North — usually not beyond Grand Blanc > South — usually not beyond Monroe> East — I’ve gone as far as Port Huron > West — usually not beyond Ann Arbor. But if it is an odd date or a Friday – let’s talk… I am also willing to go further but it usually requires an additional travel expense. I do enjoy up north summer weddings as I sometimes make a mini-vacation of them.

What type of reservation fee do you require to hold the date?

Typically $400 with the signed contract. The rest is due the night of your Michigan Wedding Reception.

Do you require a contract?

Yes – and you better hope any DJ you’re hiring does or you have to question why…

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, if you cancel your event and I am able to replace it with another event, you’ll get your reservation fee back.

Will you help us pick out some bridal/special dance songs?

I’ll give you ideas of what others have used but when it comes to the 3-4 “special dances” I prefer you make that decision. Check out our wedding music list.

What kind of music do you play?

The long and short of it – whatever gets the people at your wedding dancing. I want what you want – people dancing. The more they dance to a particular genre, the more likely I am to keep playing it. Whether it’s 50’s, 60’s, Motown, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, current/ top 40, rock, classic rock, hip hop, latin, techno – whatever it takes to get them up and moving.

Can we come visit one of your events to see you in action?

NO. Keep in mind that this is actually a poor way to judge. You need to do like scientists do and have a decent sample. The problem is you’d need to attend at least 3 events of the DJ’s you’re looking at hiring and take an average. Who has that kind of time? I’ve known terrible deejays that get lucky with a good crowd on occasion – so buyer beware. The Knot Survey which I didn’t even know was taking place came up with the top 5 deejay companies in Michigan. I was the only independent operator to make that best of list. Also, WeddingWire.com voted me in the top 5% of wedding professionals nationwide in 2010, 2011,2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

Why would we go with you as an independent over a larger company?

First and foremost you get to actually talk with the DJ you’ll be booking in advance – me. It’s a personal relationship that makes your event great. The more you feel good about your wedding dj, the more likely you’ll have a great event. Second, I am able to keep a real close pulse on quality. Third and I hate to keep bringing it up but who else offers a guarantee like the Michigan Wedding DJ? Finally, if you have to ask, and the other larger company is what I am up against, then you probably aren’t the type of bride that hires me. My clients come to me because they like the personal touch they don’t get from the bigger companies, the one on one relationship, the knowing who they’ll have as a dj come their big day. It’s great that you like the sales guy at XYZ XtraLarge DJ Photo Video service but he’s rarely the guy that shows up to do the event. I like to get a feel for my shoes before I buy them. And ummm my dj is certainly as important as my shoes. I want to have some feel for him or her for my big day. Don’t You?

Do you help to keep the event flowing. Do you handle all the announcements?

Yes, I pride myself on keeping things running in a nice order to make the night run smooth. The client shouldn’t have to worry about the details on the event day. This should be the time to enjoy and have the pros you hired make things happen. This strength is one of the reasons bridal consultants and photographers refer Michigan Wedding DJ. They know I make their job easy.

Do we meet you more than once?

YES – kind of… We speak once initially to see if you want to book my services over the phone. Occasionally in person as you see fit. Most of my clients are from strong professional referrals or past family of other clients so the comfort level to book over the phone is high. First, we discuss some basics and get acquainted. If you choose to book, then the Sunday or Monday prior to the reception we go over all the details on the phone. The third time we meet face to face is at your wedding reception. Most of my brides and grooms book over the phone now as well. I’ve been able to move toward mostly phone booking successfully because my reputation and 20 plus years in the business warrants that small little luxury that saves both me and the client that one commodity we can’t get more of – time !!


Did you see my personal recommendations from a site you can’t fake your prospects out on – WeddingWire? —

What if you get sick?

I am a veteran in the industry. I have over 20 deejays in my “contacts list” and short of an accident enroute that left me incapacitated on the day of your event, my fellow DJ’s all help to back one another up though it is rare we ever need to. In 24 years and over a thousand weddings I (Dan) have missed two events. 2 out of 1300 plus events and 20 plus years of making brides happy. If you want to know why I missed ask me. Both were health related and my brides knew 3 & 10 days beforehand. In fact, I was able to get excellent replacements despite the circumstances. I made that my job to be sure they were handled with care. Missing a brides big day is not something, short of a serious medical issue, any vendor should ever do – period. Even my immediate family knows to call me before they make family event plans because they know my client comes first on their special day. I’d have it no other way. Again, this is a small personal dj service wherein we establish a relationship of integrity, trust and concern toward a great outcome.

Do you carry back up gear?

I do — a complete system. Believe it or not most guys don’t… but say they do. I go a step further and actually run my back up gear. I run 2, sometimes 3 computers and keep my iphone on standby at your event. I’d never want to use my I-Phone exclusively but as crazy as it sounds I’ve practiced seamlessly for 3 hours straight using it. I carry back up speakers as well.

What do you wear?

Tux attire or occasionally something different if a bride or groom request it.

What type of audio gear do you use?

I use a Denon 8 channel mixer (with a Mackie FX8 backup), 2 EV50 Evolve Line Array speakers with 2 made in Italy Mackie SRM450 tops backup, JBL550xt PA backups, a Mackie 1200 subwoofer (used when necessary) a Sennheiser UHF & a Shure Wireless Microphone, an American DJ Light a laser light and Kinta Aggressor, a MacBook Pro, Toshiba & Lenovo Laptop with dual redundant external 2 terabyte drives.