Flower-less Wedding Crystal Centerpiece Numbers

picture of Crystal Centerpiece Table Numbers for WeddingsI recently did a wedding at Royal Park Hotel in Rochester Michigan and the bride said she didn’t want to do the usual flower “thing”. So, she ordered the coolest custom crystal centerpieces I’d ever seen. They even had numbers engraved on one of the pieces. She then had just a few bouquets on the head table. I will tell you it was beautiful AND Green — by not being green. It might give you the inspiration to go green on your wedding day by not going green!!!

Here is what one looks like and with all the candle light refracting off these crystals it only made it look better. You will notice this crystal centerpiece is cut into a diamond like shape which once again totally fits the day for a bride with a jones for both different and elegant.

Just an Update – I have these for rent if you can’t find them. I thought they were so neat I tracked them down and forked out the dough so my cousin could use them at her wedding. Call me at 248-648-1669 I can UPS them to you. You will pay in full and get a refund for 1/2 the total when they are returned on time.  They are 4″ in diameter (across) and rent for $15 each. I have 25 of them numbered 1-25. If you add some other smaller crystal glass pieces and place the numbered crystal glass centerpiece amongst them it will indeed look superb!

Thanks, Dan Nichols Michigan Wedding DJ

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