Michigan Wedding Ceremonies – Officiants Ministers Priests & DJ

I’ve seen a lot of funny things in my dj career of 19 years but this ceremony on youtube was a first. I have a client contracting me to not only dj her Michigan Wedding Reception but to officiate it as well in late 2010. I have never officiated a wedding ceremony in the Detroit, Michigan area before and chose to do so only because this bride and groom presented a bucket list opportunity to me. She wanted something really off the wall and creative for her ceremony at the Gem Theater in Detroit later this year. We are in essence going to turn her ceremony into a musical. Something I’ve always thought would be a blast. Though it is going to be different than the video below, i felt it only right to give 2 thumbs up to this couple for doing something different. Not to mention having to hire your dj to be at the ceremony is usually a good thing for the dj service as well.

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Lauren Wallis

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