Michigan Wedding DJ – Dan Nichols Earns a Distinguished Top 5% Award from Wedding Wire AGAIN

I’ll be honest, whenever I win one of these awards 2 things go on in my head. I’ll update to show the 2013 “badge” shortly. They hadn’t got the graphics out yet. (as of January 8 2013) .

1) Cool it feels good someone recognizes my talent. And

2) I can’t believe I won… the bigger companies actually campaign to win these things. I DO ZERO campaigning and win anyhow once in a while. In fact, the WDIV best of is a political machine / campaign won by the Michigan DJ Companies and Michigan Wedding Vendor type companies that Facebook it. tweet it, even telemarket for it. As an independently owned dj service here in Royal Oak / Oakland County Michigan, I (not boastfully) don’t take the time to do any of that. SO… though I won the Knot Magazine’s Best of the first year it came out (also the last year it wasn’t politicized) and a few others along the way — this one still feels good to win. Wedding Wire is also nice to win because I can’t skew any of it really. Brides post what they post for the world to see. So, thanks to my customers both past and future. May I always be worth mentioning when the topic of a “great wedding dj” in the Metro Detroit Area becomes the conversation. XOXO – I love you!!Wedding Wire's Best Michigan Wedding DJ Award 2011 !! Thanks for the kind words!

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Lauren Wallis

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