Michigan Wedding in Keego Harbor

Ok, this was one of those weddings I was a bit concerned about having all the right music for. The bride and groom had different musical tastes that bordered on very “indie” in some cases. They also had some pretty normal requests too — so frankly that soothed my dj soul. What gave me a bit more concern (nothing too heavy, I don’t get freaked anymore – I’ve seen all kinds of people over 18 years of doing weddings in Michigan) was when the guests started to arrive many of them had the very “hip” rock star hairstyles, there were many piercings and a groomsman asked if he could call me dj fancy pants. OK… here is how it all panned out. It was super, they came to have a good time and the thing they did right was pick some stuff to express their style at key points – during bridal entrance, bouquet and garter and the other few main bridal songs. Beyond that they understood that though they liked a lot of stuff their guests wouldn’t necessarily know, we could go a bit more mainstream during the rest of the evening shy of a few (as in 3) other requests. My favorite from their picks for dancing and one that could possibly even work with other crowds was “Detroit 67” by Sam Roberts. It was simply a great song and man oh man the guy sounds just like Bono. Anyway, they gave me the freedom to do what i needed to do to get people dancing but still expressed themselves during key points of the evening. Also, they both enjoyed dancing and that never ever hurts the dance floor. OH, lest i forget the groom was a marine and he cut the cake with his sword and that was pretty cool too!

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Michigan Wedding DJ

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