We hope these FAQ’s provide essential information on hiring Michigan Wedding DJs. Topics covered range from pricing, packages, and preparation to music selection, additional services, and contingency plans to ensure a tailored, seamless, and enjoyable musical experience for your wedding.

According to the The Wedding Report, the average cost for a professional Michigan wedding DJ is $1,595. Our prices for a wedding DJ range from $1199 – $1499, depending on the date. With Mike Staff Productions, you’ll work with a certified DJ that you choose.

It’s recommended to book your Michigan Wedding DJ at least 6-12 months in advance, especially if you’re planning a wedding during the peak season from May to October. This timeframe can vary based on the DJ’s popularity and your specific wedding date.

While our Michigan Wedding DJs are happy to take song requests from guests, they must fit within the agreed-upon playlist and the couple’s preferences. We will always consult with you, the couple, before playing any song requests that seem out of your vibe. You can discuss how you’d like your DJ to handle requests ahead of time.

Besides music, we offer reception uplighting and even ceremony audio support. These extra services can enhance the ambiance and entertainment of your wedding day. They do come with an additional cost. 

Our Michigan Wedding DJs provide services for weddings and events in the Metro Detroit region. 

We have one of the lowest retainers required for professional wedding DJ services. We require $300 to reserve your date with the final balance due 30 days before the event.

Our professional DJs read the room to make sure guests of all ages are enjoying the music. In addition, our wedding DJs serve as a Master of Ceremony; a professional host who keeps your reception on track. They will introduce the couple, the bridal party and everyone making a speech. They will also make any necessary announcements throughout the evening. They also make sure your other wedding vendors are working together so your wedding vision becomes a reality.

Yes, emergencies happen—but that’s not your problem to solve. We expect the unexpected and have ready-made solutions waiting in the wings. When you hire one of our Michigan Wedding DJs: 

  • We immediately secure a back-up wedding DJ for your date. 
  • Someone is always on call and ready to go every weekend.  
  • Someone we pay and who is completely prepared and waiting by the phonejust in case.  

A professional Michigan Wedding DJ will have a diverse music library to cater to a wide range of musical tastes and can customize the playlist to include your favorites, as well as any special requests you might have. They should be adept at reading the crowd and adjusting the music to keep the dance floor lively.

Our Michigan Wedding DJ package is comprehensive and leaves nothing out.

  • 6 hours of professional service
  • Choose your DJ
  • Professional Emcee
  • Reception Coordination
  • Back up equipment on site
  • Back-up DJ on call for emergencies
  • Dance floor lighting

Additional Elements Available:

  • Additional hour of entertainment $200/hour
  • Additional audio setup for ceremony music or cocktail service in a separate area $300
  • Second additional audio setup $200

Yes, a contract is necessary to outline services, payments, and other important details, ensuring both parties’ expectations are clear.

Yes, your professional DJ will collaborate with you to customize playlists, including music for special dances and reception tunes that get everyone dancing. Couples are encouraged to share various lists with DJs, like must-play songs, songs to play if possible, dedications, songs to play only if requested, and a do-not-play list.

Our wedding DJs always dress appropriately for the occasion, often in formal or semi-formal attire, but this can be discussed and adjusted based on your wedding’s theme.

Yes, we bring our own high-quality sound systems, microphones, and lighting, with specifics discussed based on venue requirements. Your DJ will also have back-up equipment onsite incase of a technical issue. 

did we leave something out?

The best way to learn if we’re a good fit for your Metro-Detroit wedding is to reach out to a team member. We have a full-time Customer Service Director on staff to answer your questions anytime.