Michigan Wedding DJ Recommends


Marci Curtis (Troy)

The wedding pictures on this site are supplied by Marci Curtis – I have yet to hear a bride say they didn’t love her and her work. Visit her site !

Beautiful Venues

Addison Oaks / Oaks Properties- Addison Oaks, MI – oakmanagement.com 248.693.8305
Dearborn Inn – Dearborn, MI (Marriott) Great Staff Upscale Experience
The Oakley – Holly, MI — Upscale Casual Country Experience

Bridal Gifts & Jewelry

Robin’s Nest Jewelry – Great Gifts for Bridesmaids. From $40 on up with unique one of a kind handmade in Royal Oak, MI bracelets and necklaces.

Her Etsy Site – Click Here

Wedding Ceremony, Live Music, Bands

Piano Man Dan (Troy, MI)
Dan Dombrowski – he’s not only a great Michigan musician but a personal friend. He plays piano by ear and knows over 300 songs.