Noah’s Event Venue – Center Auburn Hills, MI Wedding Tour

Noah’s Event Venue is in Auburn Hills Michigan. It’s a tree filled suburb and as you’ll see in this video it’s beautiful. In this video tour of the facility I’ll show you all the various areas I walked in to give you an idea what it might be like for your wedding reception or company party. I even show you the bathrooms !! This is a perfect way for brides out of state to see venues in Michigan that I’ve been a dj at.

First, I thought overall it was a really nice place. If I had any pushback it was more the way it felt. It’s almost too perfect. It made it feel a little cold. BUT that is my opinion AND it WOULD NOT necessarily keep me from booking it. If I was “Noah”, I might add a fireplace or dial down the modern a smidge. You decide for yourself. You’ll see in the video it’s surrounded by greenery but the drive up is an office park type of setting. After 5pm though it’s a ghost town. I love the fact it was extremely buttoned up on the tech side. So for example as a dj I was able to plug into the house audio while in the chapel for the ceremony. No need to bring in speakers. The MOD (manager on duty) was a whip and handled every detail really well and quickly. Catering will be your biggest challenge and I’d highly recommend using the company/s they refer. They have a small “sort of” kitchen from what I could see and it forced the caterers to get resourceful using other rooms as needed. It is also my impression that they do not have stoves so whomever you hire for the food be sure it’s a pro. ALSO they are big on Thursday wedding receptions. So am I !! I love Thursday Weddings. Let’s have more of them. People need a reason to party in the middle of the week too.


Oh and lest I overlook this on the written part of this post — their ceremony set up would be hard to trump. Watch the video and see why.

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Iroquois Club in Bloomfield Hills, MI – Wedding Reception

Even though I’ve deejayed at the nicest venues in the state I have never had the pleasure of working a party here at the Iroquois CLub. What I really liked too is that it’s only 10 minutes from my house in Royal Oak. So — first off it’s pretty darn centtrally located for friends coming from the northern burbs and south down Woodward in Detroit itself. And as most of us know 696 connects all those metro Detroit Suburbs to the east and the west really well. NEXT — the food was excellent which probably wasn’t hurt by the A1 presentation of the food. The staff was friendly and the facility was spotless. I’d say only that groups below 100 will fit best. I can’t recall their max capacity but when the wait staff member told me I could only imagine how crowded that would have been. As a dj I thought it had a great layout to keep people interested and dancing all night long. With that said I give this place 2 thumbs up on all fronts – food, facility, staff and danceability.

If you need some help with your music – let me (DJ Dan Nichols) know.

Funny First Dance Skit Great for A Michigan Wedding Reception

I’ve seen a ton of different routines over the years as a dj at Michigan Wedding Receptions and this one stood out as a funny well done first dance / bridal dance routine. Check out the hilarity as this bride and groom pull off a well rehearsed skit with the groomsmen. The wedding reception guests obviously thought this was funny too as you’ll see them doubling over. We should also give mother nature a few props as this wedding reception had some great weather. Whether or not it was in Michigan… I do not know. You also notice the wedding dj handling this with total precision. He was obviously a professional dj. Anyway, enjoy!

New Years Eve Reception at The Colony Club in Detroit

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update and I have a few events I want to share with you. Well, this wedding reception on New Years Eve in the “D” was pretty darn cool. The bride and groom were totally cool and were actually referred to me by wedding coordinator Misty Trompeter of Bells & Bliss . She said “Dan, i just think you guys would be a good fit.” Well she was right.

I’d have to tell you that one of the greatest things about this reception besides the dancing was the food. Here we are at this very high end event venue and in each corner of the room were food stations. Station 1 had the busiest of all food offerings. They had tacos — not off the shelf standard Ortega variety taco shells but real mexican village style with nacho chips that were out of this world. In fact I need to contact the chef to find out where he got them. Corner number 2 with the second busiest station had stir fry with peanut and soy sauce to lay over the great chicken, shrimp and rice. Station number 3 was a pasta bar and the least busy station was I think prime rib and turkey. I am telling you people were getting 3rds and 4ths as I played music with Detroit Roots per the bride’s and groom’s request. Because I couldn’t help myself I threw out some cool salsa and merengue music into the mix (must have been those tacos) including Ray Barretto and Grover Washington. So their you have it – the food really stood out because they took the leap and went for it. Don’t get me wrong most of the food I eat in this industry is excellent but this was “excellenter” (I love adding er to words).

In addition they did this evening in a strolling fashion. What that means is there is no real assigned seating, stations open up and people are free to go anywhere in the room.
AND it also allows anyone at anytime to get up and start dancing. This is not always a good thing though for a number of reasons but it worked out fine at this Detroit Michigan Wedding Reception with Michigan Wedding DJ – yours truly.
Musically we were all over the board but the younger generation was doing most of the voting with their bodies so there was a decent dose of hip-hop both old and new sprinkled in with their more classic motown requests.

OH… one more thing they did right was to give me some direction on what they were after musically but also they made sure it was ultimately up to me to do what was necessary to get people out dancing.

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Grosse Pointe War Memorial – Michigan Wedding Reception Site Video Tour

I’ve performed as a wedding dj at many nice places and Grosse Pointe War Memorial is no different. It’s truly a classic amongst the estates on Jefferson Avenue off of Lake St. Clair. The landscaping is something off HGTV and the reception site out back is movie material with a wide expanse of Michigan Water as a backdrop. Like most places i play the biggest strength – it’s beauty is also one of the dj’s biggest hurdles. Hurdles because getting people (my dancers) off the terrace on a beautiful night or from walking over near the lakeside can prove a challenge. The food and wait staff are great and the way it’s set up with huge window views makes you almost feel like you’re on the water. The cocktail/receiving area just outside the ballroom doors is size-able enough to hold an average size wedding with enough spillover room throughout to accompany an even bigger crowd. I’ve done weddings in both the larger ballroom and the “library” (I think they call it the library) when the crowds were smaller. Either is a great choice especially for those that want a water view.

32 Lake Shore Rd
Grosse Pte Farms, MI 48236-3784
(313) 881-7511
Get directions

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Funny Wedding Reception Video

It’s nice to see something a little different. While it may not be for you, it is certainly different. Get past the first 40 seconds or so and see what the video guy did to add some slapstick to this wedding video. Though this is not a Michigan Wedding Reception you can still get an idea to use on your big day.

Another Wedding Video – Video Idea from Michigan Wedding DJ – Dan Nichols

Wedding video covers; whom to invite, cost saving options & more

I thought this video was decent because it covered the “who do we invite” to our Michigan wedding issue. Often a sticky conversation between engaged couples. It also covered a couple cost saving ideas to improve your odds at having a wedding that you’re reminded of through videos and pictures – not visa statements. So check this one out. I liked that she recognized things others than the entertainment as places to save.