Noah’s Event Venue – Center Auburn Hills, MI Wedding Tour

Noah’s Event Venue is in Auburn Hills Michigan. It’s a tree filled suburb and as you’ll see in this video it’s beautiful. In this video tour of the facility I’ll show you all the various areas I walked in to give you an idea what it might be like for your wedding reception or company party. I even show you the bathrooms !! This is a perfect way for brides out of state to see venues in Michigan that I’ve been a dj at.

First, I thought overall it was a really nice place. If I had any pushback it was more the way it felt. It’s almost too perfect. It made it feel a little cold. BUT that is my opinion AND it WOULD NOT necessarily keep me from booking it. If I was “Noah”, I might add a fireplace or dial down the modern a smidge. You decide for yourself. You’ll see in the video it’s surrounded by greenery but the drive up is an office park type of setting. After 5pm though it’s a ghost town. I love the fact it was extremely buttoned up on the tech side. So for example as a dj I was able to plug into the house audio while in the chapel for the ceremony. No need to bring in speakers. The MOD (manager on duty) was a whip and handled every detail really well and quickly. Catering will be your biggest challenge and I’d highly recommend using the company/s they refer. They have a small “sort of” kitchen from what I could see and it forced the caterers to get resourceful using other rooms as needed. It is also my impression that they do not have stoves so whomever you hire for the food be sure it’s a pro. ALSO they are big on Thursday wedding receptions. So am I !! I love Thursday Weddings. Let’s have more of them. People need a reason to party in the middle of the week too.


Oh and lest I overlook this on the written part of this post — their ceremony set up would be hard to trump. Watch the video and see why.

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Originating your wedding vows… Make Your Michigan Wedding Ceremony Special

As a dj here in Michigan I play music for both wedding receptions AND ceremonies. Over the years I’ve definitely become accustomed to being witness to the exchange of vows, as they’re one of the most heartfelt statements one can be apart of, especially if you’re writing them yourself. I really like how Harmonie Krieger sets the stage for your most romantic exchange by giving a few tips on writing original, personalized wedding vows. This is a great video for anyone that is taking the time, thought, and consideration to draft up their own set of promises for that special day, and I’m in full agreement with Harmonie – That writing and exchanging of your own vows can and will be one of the most significant and profound experiences of your lives. So let’s raise a glass and toast to another great Michigan Wedding Ceremony.

Choosing a Reading for Your Michigan Wedding Ceremony

Here are a number of really great tips to help you choose a reading that’s right for you, your fiance, and your family. I really like how she mentions the importance of opinions of your family, as well as the advice to reference any religious texts that may be sacred and relevant to your families religious values. Another great tip is to consult your Officiant, as mentioned, to ensure that there is a comfort level in your chosen reading. Above and beyond all, make sure your reading is personalized and meaningful for YOU, as many times parents and others can influence your selection and subtract from the meaningful and relevant choice you’ve made. Michigan is a beautiful place to have a wedding ceremony especially when it’s got your signature on it.

Michigan Wedding Ceremony Decor

This episode brings ceremony decorations to light and the various details associated with many of the decisions you’ll be facing at your Michigan Wedding Ceremony. Silk or real flower? Which colors should I use? Should lighting replace fabric? And most importantly, which of our options allow us to remain within our budget? These are all serious questions and each should be addressed with a creative mindset aimed at making your ceremony both memorable and personalized. As mentioned, many of the details of decor can be substituted for other, less expensive, though completely creative items such as – Substituting feathers for flowers, hiring a linen company instead of buying linen, choosing center pieces that denote special guests at their tables, as well as color-coordinating lighting and fabric.

Funny First Dance Skit Great for A Michigan Wedding Reception

I’ve seen a ton of different routines over the years as a dj at Michigan Wedding Receptions and this one stood out as a funny well done first dance / bridal dance routine. Check out the hilarity as this bride and groom pull off a well rehearsed skit with the groomsmen. The wedding reception guests obviously thought this was funny too as you’ll see them doubling over. We should also give mother nature a few props as this wedding reception had some great weather. Whether or not it was in Michigan… I do not know. You also notice the wedding dj handling this with total precision. He was obviously a professional dj. Anyway, enjoy!