Townsend Hotel in Birmingham Michigan Video Tour at A Wedding

I’ve been to Birmingham Michigan’s Townsend Hotel many times over the last 22 years in the DJ Business. I must say they always prove to live up to their image as a 5 star hotel and dining experience. The entrances are sparkly and surrounded in deep rich wood tones. The floors shine and the brass is polished. They really do a nice job and have a super kind and warm wait staff there to serve the guests. Lots of times when I show up to a facility it’s tough to even get eye contact with the service staff but from the banquest and sales manager all the way to the kitchen staff they were friendly and you could see they cared about the service they provided. You can see my my video “virtual tour” of Birmingham’s finest hotel that the place is beautiful. This was the 5th wedding I did for this family and probably the 30th I’ve done for their extended friends and family network. In fact a quick shout out is indeed necessary for the Lynch Family (funeral homes). They are one big group of dancers and i am always glad to be the guy they go to for music. Anyway, enjoy the video.

Townsend Hotel Birmingham Michigan Video Tour of Wedding Set Up

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Lauren Wallis

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