Wedding Playlists

This page is simply offered up to give brides and grooms a feel for what my brides and grooms are requesting for music sets. They give me a flavor for what they want, certainly for dinner and cocktail and then I consider the DNA of their requests and expand on it. So enjoy the lists from my Spotify Account. I’ve even included the month of the events where I remember. NOTE: you’ll need to have Spotify booted up and ready to play on your device to sample the lists below.

August 2018 Popular Cocktail through Dinner List.

August 2018 – Just a huge list of various artists. Could surely be surely be used for Cocktail / Dinner.

September 2017 Birmingham Community House Cocktail / Dinner

August 2017 Birmingham Country Club – Dance Tunes

July 2017 – Wedding Ceremony Dearborn Inn

Pottery Barn Cocktail/Dinner — A more generic list I use when clients aren’t real specific but want that classy upbeat vibe. Like one feels when they go into Pottery Barn. As a wedding dj with over 1000 weddings to my credit I like this list for most groups. I tend to play at nicer venues in Michigan and this music paints the rooms I play in with the right sound. I do NOT though believe one size fits all. Sometimes people don’t want this vibe and I completely get it. It’s just not who they are. So… this should be a conversation you have with your wedding dj. If he or she isn;t having it with you then they’re playing cookie cutter dj and that’s too freaking vanilla. Stretch a bit – have fun with your cocktail and dinner music. Candidly it might be the only time of the night that approach fits. BECAUSE — when it comes to the dance part of the night people move their bodies to what they know. So the more they know in common the more they’ll dance together. TRUTH !

Country / Oldies Dinner & Cocktail Set – Put together for a September 2017 Client

Holy Toledo – 2017 July Wedding Right Next Door to the Toledo Mudhens Stadium – Great Venue / The bride and groom wanted the cocktail music to be their faves. “Dash slappers” they said. Here again one size doesn’t fit all. You have to know the circumstances. This music was mostly played on the rooftop overlooking a minor league baseball game. The atmosphere was party and fun. So this worked perfectly for that situation. All my brides and grooms have subtle differences in what they’re looking to achieve. I’m happy to accommodate until I’m not. And then where I see it’s not a fit I’ll just let you know. I’m always happy to refer other pros when I think a client will be better served elsewhere. And it really boils down to knowing my craft. When someone wants to go somewhere musically that I think is a bad fit, I defer to my experience and let them know. I’ve just been at it too long to stand behind my gear for 6 hours knowing it could be way better for the whole crowd if I was given the license to do what it is I know – work crowds with music.

Wedding Background More Contemporary Created 2016