What The Bride & Groom Did Right

Hi, this is the first post wherein much like a movie critic I will share the highlights of my clients wedding receptions. I will share simply cool ideas, tips and so forth of their Michigan Wedding reception to help you come up with some ideas as well. Many of these will be very short posts AND I will not give away their names nor event dates. They will not be in any particular order either.

Location – Lovett Hall
Bride – She was beautiful and her makeup matched her eye coloring and even her flowers.
Bridesmaids – She had them all wear black and they reminded me of the Robert Palmer Girls. They looked great.
Facility – well it’s Lovett Hall. It’s very unique and it’s at many levels breathtaking. Ceilings are every bit of 30 feet high.
Different – she had a male as a bridesmaid. It actually worked out fine. Why not? It was her friend and he had no issues with it. I thought it was clear and fresh thinking actually.
Timing – She let me run the show as far as events and timing as she respected my dj experience. So… it was all perfect. One thing that worked out in her favor was that she had a fairly long cocktail hour which was more like 90 minutes. This was good because it shrunk the dancefloor window to about 2.5 hours. Compare this to most Michigan Weddings at 3.5 hours. This is a good thing because then the music played is more likely to be a hit as I don’t have to reach as deep to satisfy so many tastes for another hour. Again, Michigan DJ’s play longer than anywhere else in the country because our receptions are 6 hours. Timing is huge. Let your pro dj talk with you about the details of your day. He or she will have a far better handle on it than most wedding coordinators too. Our world is different than theirs. We understand and see things other pros can’t. We actually walk the walk, we’ve been in these shoes a while.
Party Favors – Crystal Wine Bottle Stoppers – they were pretty and boxed real nice. Maybe not a fit for everyone but then what is? I figure at least it is something people will use and remember them by.
Music – she actually was pretty insistent on 80’s and motown. So, I played 80’s and motown and the floor was jammed all night. It was a great event. She told me to limit the current top 40 hip hop stuff and stick to more classic music. Ahhh… it was a nice change of pace as it had “everyone” young and old involved all night. People stayed longer.
Food – Filet and Chicken – it was excellent and the servings were perfect size. Lovett hall has great food so there was little left over on the plates. Also, the salad was really good and colorful.
Cocktail hour was done outside – i dropped a remote speaker and they were good to go. Lovett Hall and the Henry Ford Properties in general have beautiful scenery for receptions and ceremonies in Michigan so it’s hard to go wrong with any of their locations including; The Eagle Tavern, Lovett Hall, Henry Ford Museum and the Dearborn Inn

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