Royal Park Hotel Wedding Was Really Amazing

Not much went undone at this event in Rochester, MI in August of 2012. I’ve been the dj at over 1000 events in my 22 years of service to brides and grooms. Not only was I the musical entertainment but so was a 19 piece orchestra and an acapella group Capital Green from MSU – the bride’s Alma Mater and a group she had formerly sung with. The acapella group performed “We Are Young” arranged by Selama Scarlett with the solo by Walter (last name I forgot — this is all from memory). Even after being the dj at so many events here in Michigan and in Florida where I learned my skills from Johnny the DJ (I love you Johnny) there are still some you walk into and get a bit nervous knowing so much is riding on your skill set. Anyway, I could go on with the accolades but a picture may do a better job of it. Sam Sarkas was the photographer as you can see on the pic below.

Since this is a section I call what I liked – I’d have to say everything — it really was a wedding that set the benchmark for elegance.

As the dj, call it ego and it is but the one thing that really came clear to me was the reinforcement that bands, though they may be great musicians and these guys were, are not necessarily as concerned with event flow like a detail oriented dj. I really had to take control behind the scenes to keep things moving because the band and the sound guys had more interest in checking there email and getting their full 15 minute (or whatever 20) breaks than in serving the client with a seamless evening. I am sure the event looked seamless but only because I was aware enough to take control and pick up where they left off. It’s the role of emcee AND music guy that makes a dj great and they are equally important. So if you’re hiring a band be sure to wrangle in an experienced dj to take control and be an extra set of eyes and ears on your team.

Michigan Wedding DJ – Dan Nichols of Royal Oak, MI


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