Wedding on the Ovation Yacht 2007 – Detroit – St. Clair Shores

This strays a bit as it’s not my typical venue tour. I will get one up for these yachts when I find the footage. I have dj’s on them over 200 times since 1992ish. Interestingly I found this video on youtube. This is a couple I dj’d for in 2007 aboard the Ovation Yacht. Not the Inifinity (the Infinity Yacht is the smaller of the 2 holding 180 people). The Ovation holds I believe 300 plus.  Anyway, it shows some of the tour, NONE of the “other” dance footage and certainly a lot of the Detroit skyline. The video is supposed to be and rightly so about the bride and groom – not the Michigan Wedding DJ.

Anyway, enjoy – they were a great couple and if my memory serves me right “Into the Mystic” was their actual bridal dance song.

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Lauren Wallis

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